Wholehog® Expansion Wing

The Wholehog Expansion Wing provides additional playback capabilities for the Wholehog 3 Console, Hog iPC Console, Road Hog consoles or Hog 3PC software.


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It uses the same high quality controls as found on the Wholehog 3 console, ensuring responsive and reliable operation. Two Wholehog LED desklights are supplied, fully dimmable and software controllable. Bright LCD displays clearly indicate playback bar data in relation to each master.  


One Expansion Wing adds 40 playbacks to any Wholehog system: 20 playbacks each include Choose, Go, Halt and Flash buttons as well as a Penny & Giles fader. An additional 20 faderless playbacks each include Choose, Go, Halt and Flash buttons. Styled in a similar manner to the Wholehog 3 console, the Expansion Wing is equally at home connected to a laptop, a desktop PC, a Hog iPC console, Road Hog consoles or a Wholehog 3 console.


  • USB connection to Wholehog 3 console, Hog iPC console, Road Hog console or Hog 3PC computer
  • Internal USB hub supporting two external devices
  • Sockets for two Wholehog LED desklights (supplied), fully dimmable
  • Full Wholehog playback masters, identical to those on the console
  • Multiple playback wings can be connected to the Wholehog software
  • Ability to toggle Chosen Master and central controls
  • Rugged, sleek anodized blue casing
  • Adjustable LCD displays for playback bar status
  • Status LEDs for power, hub status, and data in/out
  • One type B USB input socket
  • Two type A USB output sockets
  • 20 masters, each with Choose, Go, Halt and Flash buttons and a Penny & Giles fader
  • 20 faderless masters, each with Choose, Go, Halt and Flash buttons
  • Next Page, Assert, Release, Skip Forward, Skip Backward Halt, Go, Enable, and Pig buttons
  • LCD displays are software dimmable
  • Bi-colour LEDs and desklights are software-dimmable
  • Status LEDs for power, hub status and data in/out
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Auto-ranging mains input (90-250 VAC)
  • Roadcase included


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