Touch Screen Control Unit

Petr Chalupa

Petr Chalupa

Odolné PC, Military, TEMPEST, Doprava +420 251 614 073

Základní informace

  • Latest generation touchscreen
  • Powerful processing and modular graphics solutions for substantial growth capability
  • ScioTeq’s MOSArtTM middleware platform for hosting multiple software applications at different DAL levels (A to E)
  • NVIS Class B compatibility
  • 5.75" DZUS rack mountable
  • Various bezel configurations possible
  • Several control interfaces available (A429, RS-422, Discretes, …)
  • Optional video interfaces

Product description

The TSCU-3045 belongs to the ScioTeq’s family of Touch Screen Control Units. Its 4"x5" (6.4") Multi-Function Display can act as a classic ARINC-739 interface while simultaneously enabling the integration of various cockpit functions such as virtual control panels, FMS, etc., reducing overall cockpit system costs and space requirements.

Through its powerful ARINC-653 based processing platform and ScioTeq’s MOSArtTM (Modular Open System Architecture) middleware, the TSCU allows customers to develop and integrate their own applications (e.g. virtual control panels, mission solutions, etc.) on this flexible platform.

The TSCU-3xxx is a family of products equipped with the latest generation touchscreens. Depending on the touchscreen option selected, it can be extended with a context based force sensor that enables software applications to respond to a desired force feedback in a specified region of interest, leading to a fluent interaction for the user while maintaining robustness against incidental touches and providing dissimilarity of touch inputs for increased redundancy.



Touch screen Safe-guarded, NVIS compatible dual-touch digital resistive touchscreen (gesture capable)
(optional PCAP with/without force-sensing) (1)
Bezel controls 4 momentary push buttons, 1 single rotary knob with push select, 1 On/Off button
Available with custom bezels (1)
Brightness controls ALS sensors, bezel control, or remote


Common Processor Module (CPM) Freescale QorIQ P3041
Graphics processing Graphics Processing Unit with up to 2 times M9 (Mobility Radeon 9000) performance
Integrity of the graphics solution segregated from any knowledge of the hosted applications
RTOS ARINC-653 Real Time Operating System
ScioTeq MOSArtTM open platform  Allows development and hosting of customer supplied, 3rd party or ScioTeq applications.
Can host multiple applications at different DAL levels simultaneously (A-E).
Development environment includes PC-based SIMphonyTM and on-target based solutions


Panel type Active matrix LCD (normally black)
Panel active area 6.4" diagonal
Panel resolution 1024 x 768 (XGA)
Viewing angle H: +/- 55°
V: +/- 35°
Can be tailored to program specific requirements, such as the addition of specific collimation to reduce canopy reflections, etc.
Backlight Multimode LED backlight
Luminance  0.1 up to 200fL (non-NVIS mode)
0.1 up to 3fL (NVIS mode)
Luminance stabilized over the life time and the complete temperature range of the display
Sunlight readability Contrast ratio >10:1 @ 10,000 fC
Front surface AG / AR / AF (MIL C 14806 compliant)
NVG compatibility (optional) MIL-STD-3009 Type I/II, NVIS Class B
Heater (optional) Heater for display startup at extremely cold temperatures


Inputs/Outputs A429, CAN, RS-422, Discretes , RS-485, RS-232, MIL-STD-1553 (optional), ARINC 825, IEEE-1394B, Ethernet, A708
Video Analogue video output
Analogue video input (optional)
SMPTE-292/424 (HD-SDI) In/Out (optional)


Power supply 28VDC, MIL -STD 704A
Power consumption <65W @ 200fL (20C ambient)
Weight <3.85 kg / 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 6.75" H x 5.57" W x 5.51" D (mounting depth including connectors), DZUS mounting
Built-in testing PBIT / CBIT / IBIT
Software RTCA/DO 178B up to Design Assurance Level B
Hardware RTCA/DO 254 at Design Assurance Level B


Compliance DO-160G; MIL-STD-810G & MIL-STD-461E
High temperature +55°C operational / +70°C shorttime / +85°C ground survival
Low temperature -45°C operational / -55°C ground survival
Altitude 50,000 ft




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