G100 Interface Card

G100 - 3U CompactPCI® Serial to CompactPCI® Interface Card - For operation together with F100 system slot card for CompactPCI® - 1 PCI Express® x1 link - -40 to +85°C with qualified components - PICMG CPCI-S.0 CompactPCI® Serial peripheral card

Petr Chalupa

Petr Chalupa

Odolné PC, Military, TEMPEST, Doprava +420 251 614 073


The G100 is used in combination with the F100 to connect a CompactPCI® Serial system to a CompactPCI® system. The CompactPCI® Serial backplane and the CompactPCI® backplane can either be located in one housing or in two separate ones. The G100 is plugged into a peripheral slot of a CompactPCI® Serial system and is connected to the F100 via a PCI Express® cable at the front which can have a length of up to 7 m. The F100 functions as the system slot in the CompactPCI® system. The G100 uses one PCI Express® x1 link from the backplane and leads it to the front to an 18-pin PCI Express® connector. The board is qualified for operation in the extended temperature range of -40 up to +85°C.



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