F605 3U Side Card XMC/PMC

F605 - 3U CompactPCI® Side Card XMC/PMC - 4 HP extension for 3U Intel® SBCs F15, F17, F18, F19P - 1 XMC slot (PCIe® 1 x4 link or 2 x1 links) - or 1 PMC slot (32/64 bits, 33/66/133MHz, PCI-X) - PMC rear I/O support via J2 (only in 32-bit backplane) - -40

Petr Chalupa

Petr Chalupa

Odolné PC, Military, TEMPEST, Doprava +420 251 614 073


The F605 is a 4HP XMC or alternatively PMC extension card for 3U Intel® based CompactPCI® single-board computers F15, F17, F18 and F19P. The XMC slot supports either one PCI Express® link with 4 lanes on one XMC connector or 1 link with one lane on each of the two XMC connectors . The PMC slot can be used for 32/64 bit and 33/66 MHz PMC cards and supports up to 133 MHz PCI-X. The board detects automatically whether an XMC or a PMC is plugged. The F605 is directly plugged to the right side of the respective single-board computer. A robust connector makes for high mechanical stability. It is delivered with an 8HP front panel, replacing the 4HP front panel of a 3U single-board computer and thus resulting in a solid one-piece front panel.



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