F206I ISA PC/104 Carrier Board

F206I - 3U CompactPCI®-ISA PC/104 Carrier Board - 1 CompactPCI® slot 32-bit/33-MHz (opt. 66 MHz) - 4 HP closed front panel - 1 to 4 PC/104 slots - PCI-to-ISA bridge - FPGA 12,000 LEs (approx.144,000 gates) - -40 to +85°C with qualified components

Petr Chalupa

Petr Chalupa

Odolné PC, Military, TEMPEST, Doprava +420 251 614 073


The F206I is a 3U 8HP CompactPCI® bus card which provides a PC/104 interface supporting PC/104 extension boards. An on-board PCI-to-ISA bridge links the ISA bus of the PC/104 module with the 32-bit/33-MHz CompactPCI® bus. The F206I can be configured to work with most PC/104 modules. By default, PCI accesses are translated to 0xDxxxx, so that PC/104 modules which can be jumpered or configured to that address will work without software modification. For other PC/104 modules, software modifications or modified F206I FPGA content may be necessary. For detailed information as to whether your PC/104 module works with F206I, see the user manual or ask MEN support. Memory as well as I/O access is possible. The interrupt routing can be done in a very flexible way. DMA on the ISA bus is currently not supported but can be made available as an option. The PCI-to-ISA bridge is realized by means of an FPGA which is loaded automatically after power-up out of a 2MB standard NOR Flash device. The F206I is delivered with one closed 4HP front panel. Depending on the PC/104 module/s used on the F206I it might be necessary to adapt the required front panels (see MEN accessories) and to provide specific cabling to connect the PC/104 module to the front (please contact PC/104 module manufacturer). The F206I is designed for use in rugged environments. For example, all components are specified for an operation temperature of -40 to +85°C.



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