AD67 I/O Extension A12 A15 D3 SC13 (EOL)

AD67 - 6U I/O Extension for A12, A15, D3, SC13 - Connectors for: - 3 SA-Adapters™ (serial I/O) - 2 PS/2 - 1 USB - 1 2.5" hard disk

Základní informace

Produkt se již nevyrábí (EOL) -  pro jeho náhradu nás neváhejte kontaktovat


The AD67 is an I/O extension card for a variety of MEN CPU cards in 6U format such as the VME SBC families A12 and A15, the CPCI SBC family D3 or the stand-alone SBC family SC13. The AD67 is directly connected to the respective single-board computer -- without being connected to a VME or CPCI backplane. Its purpose is to provide physical access to several onboard functions of the above named SBCs. The AD67 provides connectors for USB, two PS/2 (keyboard/mouse), a 2.5" hard disk and three SA-Adapters™. Especially the SA-Adapters™ allow flexible configuration with all kinds of legacy serial I/O - also optically isolated - like RS232, RS422, RS485. The front panel comes with two user LEDs and two switches for reset/abort. The AD67, together with the respective SBC, takes two slots in a VME or CPCI system (8HP).



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