Konzole Evans Diversity™ představují řešení pro aplikace, u nichž se pracuje v náročných podmínkách v nepřetržitém provozu 24/7. Modulární konfigurace, rozšířená ergonomie a propracovaná estetika, takové jsou hlavní přednosti konzole Diversity. Tento syst



Design Features

Modular & Reconfigurable - With its stackable modular building block design, Diversity™ allows for great flexibility to meet your requirements. As a single-high console it can even be changed to a double or triple high console with minimal add-ons, and can accommodate a wide range of electrical equipment.

Triple-High Modules - A console solution that can be configured up to 3 tiers high, Diversity™ offers this unique ability to maximize user functionality without increasing the console footprint.

24/7 Durability - A modular steel and aluminum internal structure ensures the Diversity™ can withstand the rigors of 24/7 control center applications while the high-pressure laminate work surface ensures day-to-day durability.

Convenient Equipment Access - Hinged doors and removable equipment fronts offer unlimited access to all your electrical equipment for servicing. In addition, all processor shelves and equipment fronts are designed with a quick release system to allow for easy removal.

Finishes, Accessories and more - External panels are available in standard LPL finishes with durable HPL finished work surfaces. A variety of equipment fronts are available to facilitate the mounting of phones, binders, paper storage accessories, rack mount equipment, control switches and other custom equipment.

Official "Earthquake Proof" Console - That's right! The Evans Diversity is Bellcore/Seismic Rated and meets Bellcore GR-63-CORE Zone 4 requirements, meaning it can withstand earthquakes of the most damaging magnitude: 8.3 on the Richter scale!

Because of this unprecedented certification, Evans Consoles is unique in our ability to offer a variety of "earthquake proof" consoles in both fixed and sit-stand configurations. View the Bellcore / Seismic Testing Video to see for yourself.

Applicable Vertical Markets: 

Power Generation
Water / Wastewater


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