Codis MDP-471/4

28" fan-less LCD main radar display for air traffic control (ATC).

Stanislav Valášek

Stanislav Valášek

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Unequaled image quality
The Codis MDP-471/4 display features the latest LCD panel technologies, presenting an ergonomic solution for ATC controller workstation positions. The 4 megapixel LCD screen offers brightness uniformity in white, gray, and black images and ensures zero bright dot defects. A wide viewing angle, high contrast, and absolutely no reflection help you observe every track, enhance user comfort and reduce eye-fatigue.

Unique design
The fan-less design of the 2Kx2K MDP-471/4 main display ensures noiseless operation in an open architecture for improved operator comfort. All cables are hidden and connectors are easily accessible. The display's slim design, low weight and mechanical flexibility provide control center designers with a new degree of freedom to reduce plant and energy costs.

Green performance
Codis MDP-471/4 displays use mercury-free and energy-saving LED backlights, reducing power consumption by 20 percent. The displays produce no heat and feature near-zero energy consumption when not in active use.

Smart obsolescence management
Our MDP-471/4 display has an extremely low life cycle cost. It has been built with non-wearable components and comes with a 5-year warranty.  

Why choose the Codis MDP-471/4 display?

  •     Low life cycle cost
  •     No reflection, high contrast
  •     Noiseless performance (fan-less)
  •     Lightweight and stylish design
  •     Small ecological footprint
  •     Flexible implementation
  •     Long-term support
  •     Worldwide acceptance

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