DML-1200 w Axon

The DML-1200 w/Axon is the first moving digital luminaire which can truly be used as both a super bright, moving light source and a high quality video projector.

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In light mode, the DML-1200 w/Axon w/Axon produces a perfectly circular light beam with a light output equivalent to that of a 1200W hard edged moving light – 12,000 field lumens, and the brightest digital light on the market today. 


An internal optical dimming mechanism ensures smooth, accurate intensity control from 0 to 100%. This makes sure that your fade to black is a true black and not video black. Lighting designers are no longer limited to static, pre-selected patterns and colors. Any image, static or animated can be created and projected. All images are generated by the onboard Axon Media Server, controlled by Art-Net protocol from the lighting console. With its brightness, unlimited image selection and the ability to seamlessly switch between video projection and light mode, cue by cue, the DML-1200 w/Axon provides designers with pure creativity at their fingertips, whether for fixed or professional rental and staging applications.

Moving Light

  • Can be rigged, controlled and used as a conventional light
  • Control over DMX, Art-Net
  • Pan & tilt
  • CMY (subtractive) color mixing enables instant color changes as well as smooth, timed color cross-fades
  • Dimmer / shutter system: 0-100%
  • Output comparable to a 700 - 1200W fixture


  • Unique Lens
    • No “video black” around circular spot due to integrated iris
    • Wide zoom range
    • Fast and accurate (belt driven)
  • Projector
    • Delivers full color DLP quality video with SXGA+ (1400 x 1050 pixel) resolution
    • Light output in the Video Mode is typically 10.000 Ansi lm
    • Brightness uniformity > 90°
  • Sealed optics
    • Better protection of the optics to guarantee consistent optical performance
    • All incoming air through High Efficiency Air Filters
  • High efficient optical engine
    • Patented optical design
    • Liquid cooled
  • Multi purpose lamps:
    • Individual control of the lamps
    • No alignment required during replacement (click & play)
    • Multiple lamps: if one lamp fails, the show continues
    • 4,2 or 1-lamp mode (lower noise level or saving lamps during setup)
  • Rugged design
    • Complete chassis in cast aluminum with plastic covers
    • Flexible mounting of rigging points
    • The DML-1200 w/Axon comes standard in rugged Flightcase

Axon Media Server

  • DL.3 software based on Windows XP and DirectX technology
  • Powerful Content Management and Configuration software can remotely manage multiple fixtures
  • Supports importing of custom content including: 3D objects, media files, still images
  • Remote software upgrade capability
  • Royalty-free stock digital art collection featuring more than 1,400 lighting-optimized files including seven new content providers and three new High End Systems stock content folders

Axon Graphics Engine

  • Simultaneous playback of nine discrete media streams on separate 2D/3D objects
  • 36 object parameters give you graphic controls for each individual media stream including:
    • a choice of multiple play modes and play speeds
    • the ability to define any segment of a video loop including Scrub capability
    • multiple color mixing and visual effects that can be combined any way you choose
    • variable opacity to allow for crossfading or dissolves between media streams
    • full control of image rotation, positioning and scaling on X,Y and Z axes
    • visual modes that let you control brightness and contrast to optimize content
    • video input you can apply to 2D/3D objects
  • 52 global parameters provide graphic controls to the composite image created by up to 9 media streams
    • intensity overlays the opacity control to provide system-wide intensity level
    • overall image color mixing applied to composite media stream image
    • color effects including edge colors allow for combined image color mixing
    • multiple mask selections with edge fading and strobe effects
    • Chroma Key effects to layer any content by keying on any colormix to make transparent
    • edge fading for creating montages
    • keystone correction on output projection
    • digital shutters on output projection 
    • viewpoint controls provide ability to change viewing angle/perspective on images
  • Multiple modes for synchronizing all networked fixtures

Content Management Application (CMA)

  • Versions available for Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Communicates with DML-1200 w/Axon, DL.3, Axons, and DL.2 fixtures over an Ethernet network
  • Uploads and downloads custom digital content to DML-1200 w/Axon fixtures

Collage Generator

  • This patent-pending feature enables multiple DML-1200 w/Axon units to create seamless vertical, horizontal or central panoramic media projections controlled from a lighting console. Using multiple digital lighting fixtures allow you to increase effective screen luminance.


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