Rugged Panel Computer with Intel®Xeon E-2276ML , GTX1650, DTL-38999 , MIL-461/1275

Petr Chalupa

Petr Chalupa

Odolné PC, Military, TEMPEST, Doprava +420 251 614 073

Základní informace

  • Intel® Xeon E3-1505L/E-2276ML  ; Nvidia GTX1650 
  • Up to DDR4-64GB 
  • Sunlight Readable  1400 Nits
  • NVIS Mode Support Dimmable < 1%  Nits
  • 15" Colorful LCD XGA resolution
  • Optical Bonding G.F.G Resistive Touch 
  • Conduction Cooled Technology
  • Extended Temperature -40°C to 65°C 

Optional Features

  • MXM-GPU RTX3000
  • IR Touch 
  • EMI Mesh 
  • Intelligent Heater
  • Waterproof Value
  • EMI Shielding Cable Kits

7STARLAKE Cloud15-P20 rugged mission-critical panel computer, retaining exceptional features of SKY15-P20, with LCD super brightness up to 1400 nits and night vision (NVIS) under 1 nits, optical bonding of protective glass (GFG) touch screens, EMI filtering / EMI mesh shielding, and anti-reflection/anti-glare (AR/AG) coatings, possess also built-in CPU module w/ Intel Xeon E3-1505L v5 is a 64-bit quad-core x86 high-end quad-core processor and 20  programmable function keys. The rugged panel computer is designed with IP-65 waterproof and dust proof all-aluminum housings, supporting extended operating temperature range from -30 to 65°C and flexibly support extended DC power input range from 9V to 36V.


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