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The BroadSign Player is the software component of BroadSign Suite that is installed on any commodity playback PC in order to receive content and schedules from the BroadSign Server and display the content accordingly. The BroadSign Player is capable of ou


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Deliver your message on time, every time.

At the heart of the BroadSign Player's media playback engine lies BroadSign's proprietary multimedia delivery framework. Custom-built from the ground up for digital signage, its lean and mean implementation cuts away the bloat found in other commercial players and replaces it with rock-solid reliability and a rich set of the latest codecs and containers such as H.264, XviD, DivXTM, MP4, MP3, AVI, AAC and many more. Not content with bundling the best standard codec set in the industry, we've also designed the BroadSign Player to play almost anything from Adobe FlashTM to JPEGs, Web Pages[1], Live TV[1] and even Microsoft SilverlightTM [1].

Get Dynamic. Get BroadSign.

 Today's Digital Signage landscape is all about engagement. At BroadSign, we get that. That's why we are committed to providing the best dynamic player platform in the business. Need interactivity? No problem, sophisticated and beautiful applications can be constructed in Adobe FlashTM or Microsoft SilverlightTM [1]. Need up to the minute data such as stock quotes or news feeds? No sweat, the BroadSign Player contains a sophisticated file synchronization framework that locally caches data for you so you won't have to worry about network outages. Need to trigger playback of specific media in response to external events? Easy. The BroadSign Player can respond to triggers issued locally or over the network. Need that special feature found only in the latest hardware or operating systems? The BroadSign Player is supported on over a half-dozen operating systems including Windows XPTM, Windows VistaTM and Ubuntu Linux, so you'll always have access to the best drivers and tools you need to realize your marketing vision.


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