Universal collaboration box for any single-channel display


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The XDS-100 is a multi-windowing video processor for collaboration on large single- channel displays. It enables you to display up to four hard-wired sources simultaneously on any type of full HD or WUXGA display canvas – not just Barco systems. In addition, the XDS-100 can combine local, in-room sources with streamed, remote PC desktops and workstations at the same time.

Making collaboration easy
In combination with Barco's XDS Control Center software suite, you can enjoy mouse and keyboard control of all sources in a familiar Windows desktop environment. The XDS-100 was designed to make collaborative team work easier, faster and more efficient. By seeing several sources at the same time, you can quickly see correlations between data, and process various types of information faster. It enables you to connect to and control remote computers on the display, features easy-to-use videoconferencing control, and allows other users to create and store predefined screen layouts.

Easy integration with third party visualization
The XDS Control Center software allows for seamless integration of the XDS-100 with selected 3rd party equipments, such as audio mixers, video conference equipment, matrix switchers, and control panels. Integrators can more easily create rich collaboration environments, without the need for much programming.

At home in all environments
• Meeting rooms: exchange and compare various data on a large screen
• Collaboration corners: work together on the same project on a flat panel
• Auditoriums: distance learning and quick presentation switching
• Boardrooms: razor-sharp videoconferencing and real-time data exchange

Barco's XDS-100 is part of the XDS range and works with XDS Control Center.


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