LED obrazovky V14m jsou určené pro rental & staging aplikace. Společnosti zabývající se pronájmem uvítají výhodu flexibility při vytváření velkých dynamických video kulis jak pro vnitřní, tak pro venkovní scény, a to rovné i zakřivené.



Designed for the rental and staging market, the lightweight V14m offers rental companies the flexibility to build large dynamic video backdrops for both indoor and outdoor stages, whether straight or curved, as well as side screens on lightweight trusses. What's more, it's also ideally suited for overhead and ceiling screens and is available as transparent LED display as well.

Magnetic lock for quick installation
Thanks to its magnetic V-lockTM, the V14m's setup times are significantly reduced and a single technician can safely install an 800x800 tile on his own. A lightweight and slim LED display, the V14m can be boxed and shipped easily. The V14m shares its mechanics with the C series, so that rental companies that already own the Barco C series mechanics can reuse them for the V14m.

Suited for outdoor use
The V14m can both be used indoors and outdoors, as it is equipped with the latest outdoor SMD technology. And thanks to its full IP65 rating - it is completely waterproof.

High-performance scaling and control
Just like the other V LED displays, the V14m is driven by the DV-100 image processor, which offers high-performance scaling and supports all the latest video standards (HDMI, DisplayPort, 3G SDI). In combination with the V series Toolset (VTS), the DV-100 allows for creative setups and remote control.


Pixel pitch 14.3 mm
Transparency 12% (transparent shader)
  0% (non-transparent shader)
Brightness 4,300 nits
LED type 3-in-1 SMD
Pixel density 4,900/sqm
Viewing angle H: 120 degrees
  V: -60/+60 degrees
  V: -45/+60 degrees
Contrast ratio 3,500:1/6,000:1
Lifetime 50,000 hrs (@50 % brightness)
Power consumption 516 W/sqm
  206 W/sqm typical
Operation power voltage 200 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Tile size (WxHxD) in mm 800 x 800 x 109
Weight 12.77 kg/tile
  28.15 lbs
IP rating IP65
Processing 16 bit/color
Refresh rate Over 2,800 Hz
Serviceability back
Operatable digitizer DV-100
Certifications CE, ETL, FCC classA, TUV, RohS, CEBEC, WEEE


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