BARCO OV série představuje zobrazovací systém zpětné projekce o úhlopříčce 70" s technologií DLP a s rozlišením 1024x768 bodů. Zdrojem světla je technologie dvojité výbojky. Systém je vybaven ptaentovaným BARCO kalibračním systémem Sense6.


Barco's OV-D2 series integrate cutting edge DLP™ technology into 70" video wall systems that are designed and optimized for use in a 24/7 mission critical environment. The Barco designed projection engine provides a set of unique features. The result is an unrivaled DLP™ rear projection-system with outstanding picture quality, reliability and ease of use.

Superior display quality
* Latest high-contrast DLP™ technology
* Brightness, contrast, and large viewing angles tailored to the human eye providing maximum readability
* Vibrant colors
* Sense6 technology providing consistently excellent video wall uniformity over time Reliability and lifetime serviceability
* Engineered for ease of maintenance and serviceability
* Durable components with high reliability from lamp to screen
* Dual redundant lamp offering 100% reliability
* Easy lamp replacement from the rear of the system while system runs
* 100% sealed off optical engine, preventing dust contamination
* Fast Ethernet communication allowing redundant projection access for direct control and configuration
* Barco's Lamp-Lease Program allowing to efficiently control operational costs Flexibility
* Designed to form video walls of any size, in a linear or curved setup
* Requires minimal installation depth
* Innovative modular concept for easier build up and design Integrated system
* Barco Wall Control Manager software with central graphical overview of the video wall
* Integrating individual projection modules into a single display High-brightness Barco's OV-708 is also available as a high-bright version featuring a 180 Watt lamp system. The high-bright OV-708 has been designed to deal with specific light conditions in TV studio environments and has a built-in inter-cube video scaling system which allows to present images with a resolution of up to full HD (1920 x 1080) scaled on to the full video wall. The scaling system requires no extra hardware or software and provides the most accurate images without quality loss. Finally, the high-bright OV-708 provides an optional 3200K color filter for studio environments with artificial lighting.


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