JPEG 2000 IP cores

Barco Silex nabízí ucelenou řadu vysoce kvalitních řešení pro aplikace JPEG 2000. J2K IP cores mohou kódovat nebo dekódovat JPEG 2000 obrázky a videa v nepřekonatelné kvalitě.

Základní informace

Barco Silex
offers a comprehensive range of high quality solutions for JPEG 2000 applications. Our J2K IP cores can encode or decode JPEG 2000 images and video with unrivalled quality. Our JPEG 2000 portfolio covers Intellectual Property (IP cores), reference designs and acceleration boards.

Our JPEG 2000 family:
Multi-channel JPEG 2000 decoder - BA109
Multi-channel JPEG 2000 encoder - BA110
Sub-frame latency J2K decoder - BA129
Sub-frame latency J2K encoder - BA130
PCIe acceleration boards - DCPB-2000

Klíčové prvky

Key benefits
•    High resolution images: up to HD 1080i and 1080p, DCI 2K and 4K
•    Flexible multi-channel support (ideal for stereoscopic 3D)
•    Sub-frame latency without tiling (maintain image quality)
•    High throughput: up to 1+ Gbps
•    High speed applications (beyond real-time)
•    Lower resolution or quality with lower resource usage


The experienced designers from Barco Silex offer best-in-class customization services. The development team continues to maintain and update the JPEG 2000  IP cores. In order to provide efficient and flexible support, the same designers are involved throughout the lifecycle of the products.

Market trends
Thanks to its numerous advantages, JPEG 2000 has been widely adopted. J2K is used in many markets such as digital cinema, broadcast, defense, archiving, medical…

With the increase of usual image resolution, the requirements of today's video systems became harder to meet. The JPEG 2000 IP cores proposed by Barco Silex provide the most appropriate solution to the demanding requirements of high-definition applications.

Business model
Barco Silex high quality offering is also reflected in our flexible business models.
•    Single or multi project license
•    Comprehensive integration support
•    Facilitated retargeting and upgrades
•    Maintenance

As a strong and experienced industrial partner we understand the need for flexible business models and are happy to provide such flexibility with our JPEG 2000 IP cores.

The best JPEG 2000 solution for your JPEG 2000 challenge

Thanks to its continued stream of innovations, Barco Silex stays ahead of the competition.  Our flexible J2K offering provides the best JPEG 2000 solution for your JPEG 2000 challenge.


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