ILite 6BK

Velmi populární ekonomické řešení s osazením SMD 3-v-1 led diody v provedení Black



At one of the most attractive price-performance ratios, Barco's ILite 6 BK is the smart choice for events and indoor installations that require a modular, slim LED solution that has proven its worth. It is easily and quickly serviceable, and has the technology to make sure that your overall image consistency remains excellent, even when tiles are added to or removed from the display.


Pixel pitch 6.22 mm
Brightness 2,000 nits
LED configuration 3-in-1 SMD
Pixel density

5,184 LEDs per tile (72x72)

Hor. viewing angle 120° (min 50% brightness)
Vert. viewing angle

+60, -60° (min 50% brightness)

Contrast ratio 3,000:1 (at 500 lux)

45,000 hours to 50% of initial brightness

Power consumption 335 W/tile (max)
156 W average
Operation power voltage 200-240V / 50-60Hz
Tile dimensions

Width: 448mm
Height: 448mm
Depth: 150mm

Weight / Tile

14.3 kg

IP rating Indoor use only
Processing 14 bit/color
Colors 4.4 trillion
Refresh rate 400Hz
Foot build-up Max. 12 tiles high
Truss build-up Max. 15 tiles high
Link interface DVI interface (DVI connector)
Max link length 4.5m (with Barco DVI cable)
Interfaces 2x DVI link
Max power cascade connection 6 tiles
Serviceability Back
Operating temperature 0-40°C
Storage temperature -20 - 60°C
Operational humidity 35-85%
Storage humidity 10-90%
Source compatibility CVBS, YC, YUV, RGB, DVI, SDI, HDSDI (with DX700: and Dual link DVI, Dual link HDSDI)
Operatable digitizer DX-700 (with DVI output card), D320, LEDPRO
Certifications CE classA, TUV, FCC, Class A, ETL, RoHS

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Total rental solution

The ILite 6 BK has been designed for life on the road. Much attention has been made to the ease of set up, serviceability (OSD, Tiles swap) and upgradeability. The total rental solution also includes rugged rental structures, sturdy flight cases and the new DX-700 which allows you to have your display installed in no time.

Cross rentable

Barco’s renowned color calibration technology makes sure that the ILite 6BK tiles are fully cross rentable now and in the future. This technology allows you to mix and match tiles of different batches and various run-time ages to obtain a seamless display with a perfect image every single time. The ILite 6 BK is also compatible with the complete range of existing ILite peripherals and sources.

Best cost performance

ILite can be used in all indoor environments and gives you the best visual performance for a minimum investment, hereby ensuring you maximum return on your investment.

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