Galaxy NW-7 EX

Tříčipový DLP projektor, 3D stereo, network-centric, světelný výkon 7 000 lm, rozlišení WUXGA



Barco’s Galaxy NW-7 EX is the world’s first active 3D stereo projector with active Infitec capabilities that uses the new Infitec 'Excellence' filter type. It’s the perfect choice for any single- or multi-projector collaborative display system.

Thanks to its full compatibility with Barco’s XDS Control Center software suite, the Galaxy NW-7 EX offers direct access to all local and networked sources in a familiar Windows desktop. You can display your sources in multiple windows that can be resized, dragged and made to overlap anywhere on the screen, in any combination of 2D and 3D.

Supreme stereoscopic quality
With its powerful 7,000 lumens light output, Barco’s Galaxy NW-7 EX was designed to operate in multi channel stereo applications. It offers by default the choice between 'active stereo' and 'active Infitec' based on the new 'Infitec Excellence' filters, making it a perfect choice for cave applications.

Maintenance-free design
The Galaxy NW-7 EX is designed with one of the lowest noise levels in its class, and a guaranteed long system lifetime due to its fully sealed, liquid-cooled optical engine. This not only prevents dust from entering the projector’s interior, it also eliminates routine maintenance procedures and strongly reduces potential system downtime.

Optimized for system integration
Barco’s Galaxy NW-7 EX is optimized for multi-projector system integration through various features:
• Edge blending technology creates one continuous image without blurry overlap zones where projections converge.
• DynaColor and linked constant light output (CLO) ensure the same light and color levels across the entire screen.
• Warping (geometry correction) enables accurate projection from different angles and across spherical or curved surfaces.


Light output 7,000 lumens
Contrast ratio up to 2,000:1
Resolution WUXGA (1920x1200px)
Chip type Three-chip DLP
Lamp 2 kW xenon lamp
Lamp warranty 1000 hrs warranted
Weight 70kg (154.2lbs)
Dimensions (WxLxH) 590x913x345mm (23.22x35.94x13.58")
Lens Shift Horizontal up to -/+ 65% Vertical up to -/+ 110%
Standard inputs Twin dual-link DVI
3 stereo sync inputs (mini DIN)
Optional Inputs Two free layers for: - DVI/D15 HDCP input - RGBHV analog input - SDI/HDSDI input - Extra Twin Dual DVI input
Communication Port RS232 (on D9)
10/100 Mb/s Ethernet (on RJ45)
Data Analog sources with a pixel clock of up to 270 MHz
DVI sources with a pixel clock of up to 300 MHz (including WUXGA 120 Hz)
Safety ETL60950 and EN60950
CE compliant
CCC compliant
AC power 220V-240V
Max. power consumption 2,800 Watt / 9,560 BTU


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