Galaxy 12 HB+

SXGA+, 12 000 lumens three-chip DLP 3D stereo projector



The Galaxy family has a proven record for active and passive stereo technology. It is the only 3-chip DLP™ projector offering the unrivaled platform for Infitec+™, the superior stereo separation technology combining high contrast with excellent stereo separation.

High Light Output Mode:
12000 ANSI lumens - Contrast ratio 1600:1

High Contrast Mode: 9000 ANSI lumens - Contrast ratio 1800:1

* SXGA+ resolution 1400 x 1050
* Typical lamp lifetime: 800 hrs (max. 1200 hrs)
* 4/3 aspect ratio * Built-in Stereo-Creator™, including DVI sources
* i-Blend™ supports up to three channels

Technical specification:

Light Output 9000 ANSI lumens (High Contrast Mode)
12000 ANSI lumens (Normal Mode)
Resolution 1400 x 1050 (SXGA+) native resolution
Brightness uniformity

>90% for the total screen area
>80% for the total screen area (High Contrast Mode)

Lamp 2.2 kW (Xenon illumination system)
typical lifetime: 800 hours
Max. lifetime: 1200 hours
Digital MicroMirror Device™ 3 high-resolution SXGA+ active stereo DMD™'s
Features Standard:
• Bi-cubic WARP™
• Synchronous and asynchronous active stereo display
• DynaColor™/Linked DynaColor™
• CLO (Constant Light Output)/ Linked CLO
• Stereo-Creator
• i-Blend™ (two- or three channel)
• High Contrast Mode
• Shutter

• Optical Soft Edge Matching (OSEM)
• Infitec™ (Switchable)
• External polarization (linear or circular)
• GISCU™: multi-system and multi-site color management
Noise Level < 60 dBA at 40°C
< 54 dBA at 20°C

• Active stereo capabilities up to SXGA+ at 118Hz
• WARP 6™ based pixel map processor using bi-cubic interpolation algorithms for advanced geometry corrections up to a pixelclock of 205 MHz
• All current available video sources in RGB or DVI

Inputs 1 multifunctional 5-cable input (high bandwidth) for connection of::
• RGB analog signals with standard sync (BNC connectors), sync on greenor seperate sync
• 1 Stereo sync input (mini DIN)
• 2 stereo outputs (coax)
• 1 DVI input
Communication • RS232 or RS422 loop-through input (D9-connector) for PC-based projector control
• Communication input (D9 connector) for peripherals
Lens type order nr. throw ratio
Fixed lens (Manual focus)  
TLD (0.8:1) HB* 9842040 0.75
TLD+ (1.2:1) 9840775 1.23
Motorized zoom and focus  
TLD (1.6-2.0:1) HB* 9842060 1.5 to 1.8
TLD (2.0-2.8:1) HB* 9842080 1.8 to 2.6
TLD (2.8-5.0:1) HB* 9842100 2.6 to 4.6
TLD (5.0-8.0:1) HB* 9842120 4.6 to 7.3
* High brightness lens
Lens Shift Motorized V shift: up to 100%
Motorized H shift: up to 65%
Power consumption 2750 Watts
AC power 230V (tolerance 200V-255V)
Ambient Temperature Max. 35°C
Weight net weight: 124 lbs/56 kg
shipping weight: 210 lbs/95 kg


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