FL32 série

FL32 je profesionální DLP projektor s vysokým rozlišením založený na LED osvětlení. ReaLED™ technologie zajišťuje bezkonkurenční kvalitu zobrazení. Projektor má životnost neuvěřitelných 100.000 hodin, velmi nízkou spotřebu energie, nevyžaduje rekalibraci


Základní informace

Profesionální projektory Barco vynikají vysokým rozlišením a vysokým výkonem. Přístroje jsou určené především pro graficky náročné aplikace, jako jsou vizualizace pro vědecké účely, simulace pohybu, zobrazování pro lékařské účely či projekce ve veřejných prostorách. Výrobce klade důraz na kvalitu obrazu a spolehlivost. Všechny profesionální projektory jsou k dispozici pro nepřetržitý provoz a mají širokou škálu možností konfigurace pro různé aplikace.


What is ReaLED™?
LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting technology has been around for many years in all sorts of electronics and appliances. The main reason for this is its unique combination of reliability, low power consumption, and application adaptability. ReaLED is projectiondesign‘s implementation of high power LED lights; one per Red, Green, and Blue colour, and paired with our unique, patented optical design. This combination results in a large range of features that benefits the user in every possible way.

Predictable Total Cost of Ownership
Mission critical installations and applications are everywhere. From process control and infrastructure and utilities monitoring, through safety and defence applications, projectors are expected to run 24/7 year after year. The FL32 series is designed to do this effortlessly, and unlike traditional discharge lamp based projectors, the FL32 does not require periodic lamp replacements, and can be run for years with only the most basic maintenance. Additionally, with its low power consumption, operating and owning costs become extremely low, and totally predictable. In fact, every single FL32 series projectors comes with a standard two-year 24/7 warranty which can be extended up to five years.

Real benefits from ReaLED technology
ReaLED technology addresses numerous performance aspects with traditional lamp based systems. Lamps change performance characteristics as they go through their usable lamp life by changing colour temperature, reducing their light output, and becoming more likely to experience premature shut off. ReaLED stays completely stable over its entire life time, maintaining consistent light output and accurate colours. And, importantly, it is very unlikely to experience any premature shut down, and if it does, it will not damage itself, or any other part of the projector.

Greatly enhanced image quality
Using ReaLED technology improves on image quality in many ways. When paired with single chip DLP technology, ReaLED replaces the rotating colour wheel, and increases the active colour cycle to 24x per frame of content. The result is a near elimination of any sequential colour and disturbing processing artefacts, and reducing colour smear and blur with fast moving images. But one of the greatest features of LED lighting is its ability to reproduce any visible colour. Using three independent LED sources, colours are pin sharp, with the accuracy of lasers. Primary colours are extremely precise, and LED provides a much larger, and more accurate colur gamut than any other lighting technology – perfect for anyone looking to reproduce accurate, natural colours.

FL32 with RealColor
As with all projectiondesign professional projectors, each FL32 projector is uniquely characterised and calibrated during the last stages of its manufacture. Unique optical performance values are recorded and matched to the electronics processing in order to secure perfect on-site calibration. With RealColor, it is possible to match any number of projectors, and ensure they all project the same primaries and grey scale, without going through a very complicated process.

No colour wheels
Because the FL32 projectors use solid state lighting with ultra fast colour switching, they do not use colour wheels for filtering light and creating colours. By removing the colour wheel, the much dreaded effect of sequential colour separation is eliminated, and colours are displyed up to 24 times per frame of content, for an artefact free display. This is very important for contents with fast moving objects, and even more so with very high constrast scenes, with lots of bright detail on dark backgrounds.

Colour matching
and consistency of image Anybody familiar with multi-channel displays and setups will recognize the fact that display tiles based on standard discharge lamps change over time. The stability of ReaLED means that it stays completely consistent over time, and does not alter in output, neither in brightness nor in colours. In reality, what that means, is that all tiles of a specific display will look the same after years of use.

Optical colour processing and calibration
All colour processing on the FL32 series is done optically, and not electronically. That means that the actual light source is altered, and not the electronic source signal. Every FL32 projector features a number of pre-set optical colour profiles, that give spot on colours to any optical standard, for instance REC709 or SMPTE, but without the loss of bit depth and compromise.

Precision projection lens optics
A great advantage with the FL32 series is the range of six different HD resolution projection lenses, inherited from the F32 series projectors. Proven in resolution, performance, and range, all lenses are very high quality
to provide the image clarity and performance one demands from a high performance projector.

Unprecedented deep black levels
One of the foremost features of the FL32 series of projectors is the the superbly deep black levels. Comparing to standard lamp based projectors, black is considerably more black, both measured and perceived. Night scene simulation, star fields, planetariums, and other types of content that rely on contrasting elements from a velvety black background are benefiting tremendeously from the ReaLED technology and display.

Dynamic contrast
Additional to the already deep black levels, the FL32 series can be configured and set up to dynamic adjust levels to fit the histogram of the input, for an even higher contrast. With standard native contrast already high, dynamic contrast enhancement gives an unmeasureably high contrast, where black is simply “no light” when there is no input level.

Installation options
the FL32 series can be installed in any orientation without affecting output or illumination performance. Unlike traditional lamp based projectors, where orientation and rotation is severely affecting lamp life, this is not the case with solid state illumination. As such, the FL32 series can also be installed in portrait mode for that increased vertical resolution without special attention to the angle of projection.

Instant power on / off
Because it does not use lamps that need warming up and cooling down periods to function optimally, the FL32 series can be swithced on and off in a matter of seconds.

Security and network manageable
Fully networkable, vital projector settings and features can be set through the built-in web page, thus allowing remote asset management. Optional projectiondesign software, ProNet.Manager, can be used to asset manage, monitor, and control an unlimited number of projectors in single, or multiple sites. The ProNet.Installer version also handles colour management, matching and performance over time.


Display Technology:
LED based DLP® digital projector.
0.95” / 0.98” DMD™ with ReaLED™ technology, all-glass optical design with lens shift.
3D support:
1080p (1920 x 1080)
WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
Up to 750 lumens
Up to 7500 : 1 (Dynamic )
Aspect ratio:
16:9 (1080p)
16:10 (WUXGA)
Displayable colours:
30-bit RGB
Image processing latency:
 ~22 ms on graphics port
Computer compatibility  up to 1920 x 1200 pixels
Horizontal scan frequency:
 15 - 150 kHz (resolution dependant)
Vertical scan frequency:
 48 - 190 Hz (resolution dependant)
Video compatibility:
HDTV (1080p, 1080i, 720p)


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