High-performance ATC display server The DPM-7700 is Barco's latest graphics display server that allows ATC application servers to be separated from the controller working position. DPM-7700 acts as a high-performance networked graphics device for distr



With the DPM-7700 as a separate display server, there is no longer a need for graphics generation on the application computer. This separation between graphics server and application computer offers a number of advantages: The application computer’s overall performance increases and more advanced system architectures become possible. The application server is fully dedicated to compute-only operations since graphics controllers and input device interfaces are not required. The space required for the controller working position can be organized more efficiently. The application server can even be placed in an equipment room hundreds of meters away. The split between graphics – application allows for more cost-efficient, spread investments. Upgrades of the application server can be done without changing any other part of the system.


Software Linuxoperating system Ethernet bonding for redundancy/performance Network audio server Network time server (NTP) X11 server Single & Multiple display configuration Customer font/remote font server support USB mouse/keyboard support XDMCP – remote connection to application server BITEthrough SNMP SNMP queries (cpu temp, voltage levels,…) SNMP Actions (reboot OS, restart X-server, …) Add-onsoftware option X11R6 protocol recording through Tellar Windows XP operating system (SSD required) Hardware Small form factor housing (305x305x64mm – 12x12x2.5 inch) Standalone or ISIS rear mountable Active Power Factor Correction Power supply – universal AC input Processor: Intel® based, low power, small form factor 2 GB RAM Solid state drive 4 GB USB (option 2.5” SATA flash drive 16/64 GB) 4 port of Gb Ethernet (standard 2 ports copper) (option 2 ports - copper or fiber) 2 video outputs (DVI-I 4M Pixel each) ( optionally 4 video outputs) Peripheral IO: 6xUSB Audio AC’97 – HDA, stereo output Power on/off switch / reset button Power on/off indicator Environmental specification highlights Operating temperature: +10°C to +40°C Storage temperature: -10°C to +60°C Relative humidity: 10-80% non-condensing Vibration: 0.5g up to 50Hz Shock: 15g, 6msec EMI/EMC Emission -FCC Class A Volume II part 15 subpart B Emission -EN55022 limit A Immunity -EN50082-1 Safety: EN60950-1:2001 / CE Mark Other specification Power consumption 75 Wmax; typical 50W Weight <5.5 kg (12.1 lbs) Acoustic noise: none (fanless) MTBF: > 50,000- hours MTTR: < 0.5 hours --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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