Blend plate motorization

Automatic switching between optimal day and night settings


Základní informace

Creating perfect blends, while maintaining optimum optical quality in multiple projector display systems, can be a daunting and time-consuming task. During day mode the image needs to be as bright as possible with very sharp images; this is best achieved through ESEM (Electronic Soft Edge Matching) as no additional element is inserted in the optical path. During night mode double blacks need to be avoided while still preserving the system’s overall contrast ratio; this is best achieved through OSEM (Optical Soft Edge Matching) using custom blend plates to render perfect blends.

Although those blend plates can also be used for day modes, they age faster under high-light conditions (approximately four-fold) and add another optical element in the stack reducing the overall brightness and contrast ratio. With Barco’s blend plate motorization the best of both worlds can now be combined to offer the best blending solution under all conditions: the blend plates used in night mode are moved out of the optical path during the day mode, increasing both the image quality during day mode as well as extend the life time of the blend plate. Support within the XDS RACU Golden Alignments allows for automatic transition from OSEM to ESEM and back.

Main benefits
Excellent multi-channel blend quality at all times
No image degradation during day time scenes
No double blacks during night mode
Substantial extension of blend plate lifetime
Designed for perfect mechanical integration
Minimal footprint
Compatible with existing Barco blend plates & mounting frame
Motion base compatible
Barco support for easy system integration
Full support embedded in XDS RACU & Golden Alignment
Automatic reversal for additional pinch safety
Standalone functionality possible


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