A3R Panel PC

A3R series IP68 17'' to 24'' Panel PCs

Petr Chalupa

Petr Chalupa

Odolné PC, Military, TEMPEST, Doprava +420 251 614 073

Základní informace

Based on 6 screen sizes and 2 Intel processors of the 6th generation – i3 & i7 – the A3R panel PC range features outstanding configured COTS products defined as SKUs - Stock Keeping UnitS -. In a context of a dual approach, these SKUs has been qualified at 2 levels of ruggedization according to the generic requirements of Military and Industry worldwide markets. In the military field, A3R ranges have been declined in 3 domains to meet the specific Navy, Army and Airborne international standards.

IRTS is a build to order company. A3R production scheme responds either to one shot customers’ orders or to customer long-term programs. In that case the product’s life cycle is managed by IRTS who is able to propose contract-management services to manufacture and repair the products over a long-period of time – over 12/15 years.


3R motherboard’s architecture is COM Express Type 6 based enables to mount last generation processors with extended life duration.
Our panels are therefore equipped with Intel 6th generation processors and allow the best performance / consumption ratios which is a key feature when it comes to extreme conditions of use.

Description of A3R standard board computer is as follow :

A3R series runs either Windows® 7 Embedded 64 bits – and soon Windows® 10 Embedded - or LINUX® Xubuntu 16.04LTS.
IRTS’ QT 5.0 based multi-platform library is available to our customers, which enable them to use monitoring data that can be easily integrated into their applications software.
PBIT & CBIT tests available through this library allow triggering an alarm if the system defaults; faults coverage rate is therefore high.



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